The Kellogg Family Foundation is proud to work with such an amazing organization like the Red Cross. Back in 2016, the Michigan Red Cross was downsizing and our local Howell location was on the sell list. We were working with the Red Cross on the “Save One Life” program in Livingston County Schools when we heard the news. This organization does so much good work for our community, we had to do something to help. Dr. Kellogg awarded a generous grant to keep the Livingston Red Cross up and running in their Howell location. The building was purchased by the Foundation and was offered to the Livingston County Chapter of the Michigan Red Cross for use — free of charge.

In partnership with the Red Cross, the Kellogg Family Foundation started the “Save One Life” program here in Livingston County. Most high school students don’t have any CPR training, nor are high school teachers required to be CPR trained. In 2016, the freshman class of Howell High School took part in a mock cardiac arrest drill to demonstrate the benefits of the “Save One Life” program. This program is the first of its kind and is being followed on a national scale! “Save One Life” is determined to give every high school student in Livingston County proper CPR training by 2020. Hopefully, we will be able to put the “Save One Life” program into effect in every high school across the country. We are incredibly proud to partner with the Red Cross for this endeavor. All of the CPR training mannequins, manuals, manpower, and Red Cross supplies are provided to each school through a grant from the Kellogg Family Foundation.