The Center for Success is a ministry of The Reverse Church in Pontiac, Michigan. The church bought trailers in a rundown community, in which they conducted after-school tutoring and provided meal programs, because they did not have a building of their own. The Kellogg Family Foundation had the honor of helping the Center for Success remodel an old police substation into a community center. This allowed an expansion of programs to help revitalize the neighborhood from the inside out.

The Center for Success in Pontiac is focused on establishing relationships with children throughout the city. The program empowers these kids to become all they can be by providing homework help, tutoring, and after-school programs. The Center for Success impacts children through filling educational needs, music programs, medical clinics, and addressing various needs throughout the community. There is a spirit of restoration that is present in the city of Pontiac and it is our hope that the Center for Success will be an agent of that restoration.