Child Connect for Family Success

Mission Statement

Child Connect links families and child care providers with needed services and empowering resources designed to maximize the early childhood experience:

  • Sensitive support
  • Reliable early childhood resources
  • Financial assistance for qualifying families
  • Research-based education and training

Child Connect for Family Success!

Annual Community Sharing for Healthy Caring Regional Early Childhood Conference

The Kellogg Family Foundation Supports our Annual Community Sharing for Healthy Caring Regional Early Childhood Conference.  We are hosting our 27th Annual Conference on November 11, 2017 at the Howell High School Campus from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  The conference is attended by over 1,000 participants including:

Early Childhood Personnel, Educators, Employers, Health Educators, Human Services Personnel, Program Directors, Social Workers, Students, Families (and so many more!)

This year we have over 80 interactive workshops to choose from.  Our Keynote speaker is:  Richard Cohen, M.A.  This conference is designed to provide the education and support needed to improve the quality of early childhood programs throughout our region.  

Child Development Credential (CDA) Education Program

The Kellogg Family Foundation also supports our Child Development Credential (CDA) Education Program.  This program provides the 120 plus professional development training hours in 8 vital content areas, consultants and support needed for candidates to obtain their National CDA Credential.  

Resource Library

The Kellogg Family Foundations sponsors our FREE Resource Library for early childhood providers and families in Livingston County.  The Resource Library provides learning kits for young children - for integrated learning across all domains:  math, science, literacy, language, social & emotional development and creativity.

More About Child Connect

Child Connect for Family Success is a private nonprofit agency dedicated to promoting the well- being of children and families throughout our region. We provide resources and information for families and early childhood professionals including:

  • Research based interactive professional development
  • Free resource and lending library
  • Annual Community Sharing for Healthy Caring Regional Early Childhood Conference
  • Ready Set, Learn! Kindergarten Readiness Program
  • CDA Scholarship Program

Child Connect for Family Success has been advocating for the needs of children and families and promoting quality childcare since 1994.  Child Connect for Family Success is funded by private and public sources.  It is a membership agency that is governed by a board of director and managed by a professional staff.