Free Dental Day is a collaborative event where dentists, doctors, hygienists, assistants, nurses, and volunteers come together to provide free cleanings, fillings, and extractions for people without dental insurance who cannot afford the dentistry they need. Donations from the community provide food along with gas, merchandise, and other gift cards to be given away. Area churches and social assistant organizations are present to help as well. Breakfast and Lunch are provided by Love INC and the Livingston County Veterans. Each year our efforts grow; we average 150 patients treated, an accomplishment requiring over 60 volunteers.  A dental disability can keep someone from leaving their house, unable to enjoy family events, or even work. Dental infection could lead to death as well. Over the years, our screenings have identified over a dozen life-threatening, immediate health issues such as morbid blood pressures and dangerously out of control diabetic conditions. The patients were personally escorted to our hospital next door, and their health was restored. Kellogg Family Foundation Saves Lives!