The Kellogg Family Foundation legacy continues through our updated grant proposal criteria. These requirements have been revitalized in order to better direct, grow, and support the Kelloggs’ ideals with the current times. The Kellogg Family Foundation will continue to carry on the wishes and generosity of our founders with the following grant proposal criteria:

The Kellogg Family Foundation favors proposals which:

  • seek start-up costs for creative new strategies

  • identify on-going means for being self-sustaining

  • promote prevention of social problems

  • demonstrate inter-agency cooperation

  • empower targeted populations to meet their own needs more effectively   

The foundation does not consider contributions to annual drives, capital campaigns, sponsoring event tables or research. The board reserves the right to support these as they feel led.

As a 501c3 we are not able to give to individuals, or to any organizations that do not carry the 501c3 tax status.

The majority of dollars stay within Livingston County, with a small percentage going to programs throughout the State of Michigan, within the United States and Internationally. The International funds will only be given to a group, or organization whose main operation is in the United States (ie a local church with a ministry overseas).

The purpose of Kellogg Family Foundation is to support the goals and aspirations of Edward and June Kellogg. Founded in 2003, the original grant making criteria was as follows:

Grant Making Criteria

  1. The traditions of our family have led us to make grants to improve education and create opportunities for a career in Dentistry.
  2. To advance the dental health and well being of youth in our communities and those underserved in other parts of the world
  3. Support local organizations. Contribute to charitable mission work in the Livingston County area
  4. Some of the specific immediate goals are:
    1. Create a partnership with local school systems for the dissemination, education and promotion of dentistry as a career.
    2. Set up a vocational program for dentistry providing all the funding for the physical set up and help with the learning through providing grants for instruction, materials and continuous support.
    3. Setting up dental/ missionary clinics in countries such as Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.
    4. Support of local programs such as Hospice and Woman’s Resource Center, Livingston County. To support the needs of at-risk families in the Livingston County area.
  5. To explore other charitable needs in keeping with the interests of the donors, Edward and June Kellogg.

All grants are preselected. The decisions are the responsibility of the Board of Directors which meets regularly.