Imagine you are a Guatemalan boy with a dream to become a doctor. You live in a shack with a dirt floor. Chickens and dogs share your family’s home. There is no indoor plumbing. Government-sponsored education ends at 6th grade.  Knowing you are a smart young man, your dad works in the city in order for you to attend 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Higher education is not possible with his meager pay. You pray for provision.

There is a missionary couple living near your home that recently began a child sponsorship program. Understanding that you are a hard-working student, they coordinate a sponsorship for you to attend a college-prep missionary school in the mountains, over a day journey from your home village. What an answer to prayer!  

After nearly two years of studying day and night, you share your lifelong dream: you want to become a doctor. Is there any way this dream could become a reality?

Through the Kellogg Family Foundation’s support of Great Commission Air, this dream of becoming a doctor began with a 7-year medical school scholarship. When this boy with a dream, David Andres Perez, graduates in 2019, he will actively seek to reduce suffering amongst the poor.