India's illegal and un-policed prostitution industry has reached epidemic proportions. The areas occupy many square miles in major cities; they are well known and used by the India population as well as travelers from all over the world. Prostitution in India is multi-generational. Grandparents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, men, women, and children all serving the same house and master. The houses do not discriminate. Born into the trade, slaves work for room and board with no chance of leaving.

This mission addresses a central theme: To break the cycle of Protection in these generations. Guiding Light has set up two locations just outside the red-light districts. They do not need to advertise. They are not allowed in the communities. They accept children of prostitution into their foster home to “give these kids a different life” and break the cycle. Kids are given a safe place to grow, are educated, and are given the counseling they need to heal and the skills to build a better life for themselves. Our specific grant provided a cement wall to secure one of the missions. We are continuing to support the mission with grants for education, meals, and housing. Guiding Light enables these foster kids to graduate and attend college, an accomplishment which has never been heard of before within this community. We are fortunate to partner with Guiding light.