The foundation exists because of the success, commitment and generosity of the benefactors Edward M. Kellogg and his wife, June Ellen Kellogg.

Edward M. Kellogg

Edward M. Kellogg

Edward Kellogg was born into a family of medicine. Dr. Edward’s father was a dentist and his grandfather, John Harvey Kellogg of the famed cereal and worldwide medical treatment sanatoriums, was a physician. Edward Kellogg followed in his grandfather's footsteps, graduating from the University of Detroit Dental School. Soon after, he married June and settled in Howell, Michigan.

Over the next 50 years, Edward and June worked tirelessly with many avocations: serving their community, church, and those less fortunate. Edward served on the Howell Public Schools Board of Education for three terms. He served as president, secretary, and board member. He and June were active in the Howell Masonic Temple, Shriners, Boy Scouts of America, High Twelve, Girl scouts, Elks Club, and Howell Recreation teams. Edward teamed up with area Dentist Dr. William Hicks and provided missionary services and dentistry to the communities in Guadalajara, Mérida, Yucatan peninsula, and many other parts of Mexico. Many years were devoted to this worthy cause. Edward also taught dentistry at the University of Detroit Dental Hygiene School. Edward and June were supportive of their local church and were involved at many levels. June shared her passion for spiritual growth by supporting and working with many church missions. Edward and June also gave considerable time to building long term friendships with local residents in the community.  In addition to hard work, the Kellogg’s were savvy investors and as such created The Edward and June Kellogg Foundation.

Edward and June were successful because they always sought out the best for others. They recognized the importance of personal relationships and understood the superb value of the spirit of helping others. These principles of personal knowledge, education, generosity, leadership, caring, and never giving up led to the development of the Kellogg Foundation.