The Kellogg Family Foundation has partnered with Livingston County Catholic Charities to support their efforts to expand their foster care and adoption programs within Livingston County. Catholic Charities aims to foster the reunification of families whenever possible, their old space was not conducive to that goal. It was uncomfortable and not family-friendly, so they moved their programs into the empty building across the parking lot. However, they needed a grant to refurbish the new visitation and living room.

Livingston County Catholic Charities requested $5k from the Kellogg Family Foundation to outfit the new visitation and living room with couches, a dining room table, a TV, games, and other things to make the space welcoming and homey. With the Foundation’s help, Catholic Charities has been able to move all of their foster care program into this new space, dubbed the Kellogg Family Suite. Now, if a parent has supervised visitation, they can go to the Kellogg Family Suite to meet and have meals together as a family instead of having to meet somewhere offsite.