Through our partnership with M.O.S.T. Ministries, Kellogg Dental has been able to help thousands of people with severe dental problems who otherwise would have had to endure debilitating pain and the likelihood of death from a dental infection.

Dental infections claim lives daily in our world, yet the communities M.O.S.T Ministries serves most often have never seen a dentist or medical professional. Many community members never leave their villages in their lifetime, and the village appointed healers sometimes use unsophisticated methods to treat dental pain. Often these efforts make the condition spiral out of control, resulting in fever, swelling, and septicemia. The life expectancy in these areas is barely 50 years due to the lack of medical assistance. Taking care of these dental problems provides needed relief and stability, enabling community members to regain full, pain-free functionality of their daily lives. M.O.S.T. organizes the missions, provides local support and clearances, and governmental pre-planning. M.O.S.T. specializes in combining medical/dental missions, English language missions, optical missions, and building/construction missions together so the impact on these communities is maximized per dollar spent. 

Kellogg Family Foundation has partnered with M.O.S.T. Ministries for over 10 years.