Donated Dental Services & Kellogg Family Foundation

How do we help at-risk children with dental decay throughout the mouth, that are unmanageable with routine anesthesia?

Unfortunately, uncontrolled decay goes hand-in-hand with severe dental phobia due to years of enduring pain and lack of a positive dental visit (mostly from lack of treatment).

Donated Dental Services in Salt Lake City, Utah has emerged as a place to give these kids a chance! Dr. Thomas Kellogg recently visited and witnessed the extraordinary care these kids receive! Kellogg Family Foundation has been asked to help. General anesthesia for a child can be over $600 per treatment. Fortunately, Donated Dental has over 60 volunteer dentists like Michael Walker of West Jordan, Utah.

When children have this type of need, general sedation gives them the opportunity to get all treatments done the same visit/day! This greatly decreases cost, and inconvenience for parents, as well as fear and trauma to our young patients.

Hooray for Donated Dental, Salt Lake for leading the way, providing amazing care, saving kids lives and giving me a vision for doing the same back in Michigan.
— Dr. Thomas Kellogg