Revitalizing Livingston County Red Cross!

The rebirth is on.

Livingston County Red Cross is here to stay! After the reorganization of the Michigan Red Cross, the decision was made to downsize throughout the state. Many Red Cross locations are slated to close and the real estate is being put up for sale. The Howell Michigan location was on the sell list. The Kellogg Family Foundation heard of this while working with the Red Cross on the current “Save one Life” program in Livingston County Schools. The Livingston Chapter has been on high alert these past few months as their fate was unsure. The Livingston County Chapter is one of the most active and well-known of all of the Michigan chapters. Joahna Carol (Kellogg Family Foundation) said, “The loss of the Livingston County Chapter would be devastating, not only those they serve but, also to the volunteers. For years the local chapter has taken a passionate view of serving our community with Blood drives, first responders for local emergencies, CPR training, and filling the gap in Livingston County through service training, such as childcare training/CPR/first aid for teens.”  Dr. Thomas M Kellogg stated, “The Red Cross has been a pillar of support for everybody in our county for as long as I can remember!”

Local volunteers are celebrating and preparing for a re-opening and have called for a rebirth of our Livingston Chapter. At the pre-roll-out meeting, Friday, April 22, 2016, Dr. Thomas M Kellogg, Chairman of the Kellogg Family Foundation awarded the generous grant and outlined the process to “bring Livingston Red Cross Back”. The building, home to the Livingston County Chapter of the Michigan Red Cross, is being purchased by the Kellogg Family Foundation and will be offered for use, free of charge, to the chapter. John Cauley Executive Director of the Michigan Red Cross said, “We are so excited! The desire to get our chapter back up-and-running, quickly on a state and local level is overwhelming. We are so proud to partner with the Kellogg Family Foundation and be able to again provide the services the county has depended on, and go much beyond! The Kellogg Foundation and I have been working on this project diligently, and as a result of this partnership we are looking at several other slated closings with other foundations, to be based on the model we are creating, “first”, here in Livingston County.”

Dr. Thomas M. Kellogg expressed gratitude to all volunteers and administrators for their enthusiasm and passion. Dr. Kellogg reflected on his childhood. “Keeping the Red Cross here is exactly what my parents would have wanted. I can actually almost hear their voices, convinced on the mission the Red Cross has had over their lifetimes, and mine, as well. We must help an organization who has helped us all, so much, for so many years! We are honored to help, and look forward to doing what we need to fortify and re-engage the mission”.

Matt Ikel past County Council Director is formulating a Call for Service Drive. “Help those who helped us” is our motto. The gift of volunteering will have a tremendous impact for everyone.

Soon, information will be made available, as to how YOU CAN HELP volunteer your time, talents, and assistance or donations to your community through this local chapter of the Michigan Red Cross.