National Learning and Development Month

October is National Learning and Development Month. Individuals are encouraged to focus on  expanding their skill set, both personal and professional, during these upcoming weeks. Continued education is important for everyone. It makes us better team players, better citizens, and better humans. Learning and building new skills will not only help you keep your mind sharp, but it also improves confidence (not to mention it looks pretty good on your resume!).

At the Kellogg Family Foundation, we believe education should be available to anyone and everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with LESA to provide a grant for the “Touching Lives Program.” This program’s goal is to create a lending library of technology designed to help elementary and middle students with autism in the Howell school district. The “Touching Lives Program” helps teachers as well. It provides them with a means to more effectively communicate with, and teach, their students. The Kellogg Family Foundation continues to donate to the “Touching Lives Program” to increase the available opportunities for current and future Howell students and faculty.