December is Human Rights Month

The Kellogg Family Foundation is committed to serving our community and making the world a better place by helping those less fortunate than ourselves. December is Human Rights Month, a time which invites us to pause and reflect on that day in 1948 when the United Nation’s General Assembly codified the basic human rights of every person on the planet. The UNGA put into effect 30 articles that protect rights to education, freedom, health, and more. Since these articles were put into effect, they have served to protect civilians and ensure everyone everywhere is allowed to live in safety and liberty.  

The best way to observe Human Rights month is to learn about and understand what these freedoms do for you. It’s also the perfect opportunity to volunteer your time at organizations that work hard to support and spread human rights such as Amnesty International. When you volunteer at these organizations, you’re helping millions of people all around the world, and there are many ways you can lend a hand. You can start with a simple donation drive or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can grow that drive into a continuous effort to help the needy throughout the world.

Everyone, including yourself, benefits from the work done by these human rights organizations. This month is your chance to give back for the protections and privileges you enjoy as a citizen of the world.