LACASA Luncheon 2017

The Kellogg Family Foundation has been partnering with LACASA for 12 years to provide parenting training and problem-solving workshops. LACASA is an independent nonprofit organization which aims to protect, advocate for, and empower victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

On Friday, February 17, LACASA held a Gifts from the Heart luncheon in celebration of its 12 year partnership with the Kellogg Family Foundation. This year the Foundation donated a $20,000 grant for LACASA’s annual giving campaign, and will be supporting LACASA’s Pinwheels for Prevention child abuse awareness campaign this April.

To learn more about this luncheon, and the work the Kellogg Family Foundation has been doing with LACASA, check out these articles by Michigan’s own WHMI and Livingston Post.