Kellogg Family Foundation Cyber Café

As we all know technology is a vital part of the world today especially for today’s youth and it is constantly changing. There are great benefits to having the world at our finger tips for our youth, they use technology for research, homework, projects, and social interaction. We are honored to provide funds that allow the youth at the Hive to have access to these benefits.  The Kellogg Family Foundation Cyber Café features six, state of the art computer work stations.  Each workstation is equipped with 1TB hard drive, 8GB of RAM and has Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and of course Wi-Fi!  

At The Hive, we know with every positive benefit of technology comes a negative one.  Part of our mission here is to provide a healthy environment and this goes without saying for our Cyber Café as well.  Our computers are monitored and protected by Bulldog IT, allowing the youth to be themselves and use the resources at hand in a safe way.  

The Kellogg Family Foundation is a true community partner with The Hive and the “Kellogg Family Foundation Cyber Café” is just the first upgrade from the Foundation.