"We can. I can"

2018 is the final year of the “We can. I can.” World Cancer Day campaign. This theme explores how everyone, all around the world, can work together and do their part to lessen the global burden of cancer. Cancer affects us all in different ways and we all have the ability to take different actions to further reduce cancer’s impact on individuals, families, and entire communities.


Today is a day to reflect on what actions you can take in the fight against cancer. You can make a pledge, take action, volunteer, there are endless opportunities for you to help. In 2018, nearly 8 million people will die of cancer. If left unchecked, that number will increase to 13.2 million people per year by 2030 (worldcancerday.org). World Cancer Day is the perfect chance to raise awareness of the disease around the world and of the need to develop practical strategies to reduce its burden. What will you do to join the “We can. I can.” World Cancer Day campaign?