The University of Michigan School of Dentistry Alumni Profile: Dr. Thomas Kellogg

In the last couple of years, Kellogg has been working on what might be called a Founder’s Statement, a written description of what’s important to him as a person and as the leader of a successful business. He’s been musing about the things he would like to impart to the next generation. The core focus all comes back to stewardship and gratitude, about putting time and energy into growing people and taking care of all of our valuable resources

Much of his message is emphasizing the importance of community service. It’s what he learned from his parents and what he has tried to pass along to his son and two daughters. “Community service is not optional. Giving back is mandatory,” Kellogg said. “We are always working on something. When we’ve got one project almost done, we’re starting on another. It’s central to my personal core values. If I’m not doing that, I’m not being a very good example for my team and for my family.”

“It has very little to do with dentistry,” he said. “It’s more about how we care for people.”