Military Family Appreciation Month

Our team here at the Kellogg Family Foundation have great respect and admiration for our country’s military and their service. Throughout the month of November, we are celebrating the families behind these brave men and women who protect our country. We want to recognize the sacrifices and contributions that service members’ families make every day.  

Often, the sacrifices made by military families go unnoticed by the average person. Each one of us shares the responsibility of helping these families; multiple and extended deployments can take quite the toll on service men and women and their families. So this month let’s give these families some well earned and much deserved appreciation.  

Here are some things YOU can do to show your appreciation to military families:

Just say, “Thank you.” 

You would be amazed at the power a simple thank-you note acknowledging your appreciation of their sacrifice holds. You can also thank them publicly for their sacrifices on social media.   


 It can be incredibly difficult to keep a steady paycheck when you’re constantly moving around from place to place. One way you can help the family members of our service men and women is to provide job opportunities with workplace flexibility.


Many of these parents go 6-9 months at home without their partner to support them. So offer your babysitting services as often as you can. It will really help these parents keep their sanity.

Volunteer your assistance

Offer to cut their lawn, shovel their driveway, weed their garden. It will free up their schedule to spend more time with their kids.  


Another way you can show your appreciation for the families of service members is to make a donation to a veterans’ charity.  

Finally — Ask, “How can I help?”

Such a simple question and show of empathy can mean the world to these families.

Thank you to our military service men and women and their families for your hard work and sacrifice.

— The Kellogg Family Foundation