National Hunger and Homeless Awareness

November 11-19 is National Hunger and Homeless Awareness week. We at the Kellogg Family Foundation advocate for our community to share compassion with their homeless neighbors. We want to work towards a world where no one is hungry or homeless! This is a week for us to come together and bring some well needed attention to America’s hunger and homelessness problems. Wondering how you can get involved? Here are some suggestions:


You can support this cause by donating food, clothing, or money to your local charities. Volunteer your time or resources to a soup kitchen, help out an understaffed or underfunded homeless shelter, donate non-perishables to your local food bank, and drop your old clothes off at a local donation center.  


You can help the movement to end hunger and homelessness in America by pitching in at your local food bank or shelter. Food banks help to collect and distribute meals throughout the country every year! Homeless shelters exist to give homeless people and families a safe, temporary shelter from the elements. Find your local food bank here and here. Find shelters near you here.


If you don’t have the extra money or time to volunteer and donate, that’s okay. You can still help spread awareness of the hunger and homelessness problems here in America by educating people in your community. Take some time to learn about the issues and how you can effectively speak out. Armed with the facts, you can help change the conversation surrounding stereotypes, help better local policy, and help the service providers who work everyday to make this country a little better.

Check out to learn more about the issues and how you can get involved in eliminating homelessness and hunger in your community.